7 Ways to Improve Your Telehealth Visits as a Physician

Mocingbird Tips

As we are all getting used to the new normal there are ways to make telehealth visits with patients just as effective as in person visits! Here are some ways to make your telehealth visits as effective as possible!

What’s Mocingbird, you asked?

A cloud-based platform that simplifies ongoing licensing and continuing education requirements — an extended virtual assistant that ensures licensure compliance for your clinicians.

We provide,

  • Clarity on complex and confusing rules and regulations
  • A streamlined platform to keep all your clinicians’ ongoing credentialing documentations
  • Automated tracking and credit calculation for each requirement
  • Industry-leading security to ensure that your information is always safe
  • A CME marketplace with high quality relevant content from accredited providers

Don’t have a Mocingbird account yet? Sign up your free trial today at mocingbird.com!

Drop us a note if you are interested in partnering up with us. Complete this contact form and our team will reach out with a free CME/ongoing licensing process consultation for your organization.



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