7 Ways to Improve Your Telehealth Visits as a Physician

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As we are all getting used to the new normal there are ways to make telehealth visits with patients just as effective as in person visits! Here are some ways to make your telehealth visits as effective as possible!

1.Make sure you have reliable equipment- your visit can only be as strong as your connection. Patients expect their telehealth visit to be as professional and productive as possible. This is also essential to ensure there is no delay in communication. Having dependable equipment allows the doctors to be able to recognize any noticeable symptoms in their patients. Set yourself up for success by making sure you have reliable wifi and a strong computer!

2. Use a high-quality webcam- although you will not be with your patients in person this doesn’t mean they do not want to see you clearly. Having a clear camera allows patients to become more comfortable and lead to a more productive and positive visit.

3. Test out your equipment and any software before you start- make sure you test out the telehealth software before meeting with a patient. Make sure your camera, microphone and sound is working correctly and you are familiar with all the features prior to any visits. Getting used to new software can take some time, but practice makes perfect!

4. Setting up your camera at eye level- you want your patients to be looking at you straight on. This will make it easier to maintain eye contact and stay engaged throughout the visit.

5. Do not overwork your computer- make sure you close all unnecessary tabs and documents before meeting with a patient. This will help you stay organized and will prevent your computer from slowing down during the visit. You wouldn’t overwork yourself, why overwork your computer?

6. Make sure you have a neat and quiet space - the patient could easily get distracted during the visit because of noises or a messy space. Removing all distractions ensures patient privacy during the visit.

7. Plug in your device if possible- the last thing you want to happen is to lose connection with a patient because of your device dying. Make sure your device is plugged in and ready to go for your patient.

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