Mocingbird Welcomes Co-Founder, Dr. Ian Madom as the New Chief Executive Officer

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (February 2, 2022) — Mocingbird — a cloud-based SaaS CME management platform that empowers clinicians and healthcare organizations to take control of the ongoing medical credentialing and education process — is excited to announce the company’s co-founder, Ian Madom, MD, MBA, will be taking on responsibilities as chief executive officer.

Rapid growth in customer acquisitions, partners onboardings, and product offerings has necessitated optimization of Mocingbird’s leadership team. By playing a larger role in the day-to-day operations, Dr. Madom will focus on developing strategic partnerships with innovative companies and investors looking to complete the healthcare credentialing ecosystem.

“My vision for Mocingbird is to become the primary tool for how clinicians learn and track their learning. Right now we are aiming at compliance because the need is most acute, especially in the digital space,” Madom said. “However, we are working toward a platform that allows clinicians to learn in real-time as they work. This makes for a more efficient healthcare ecosystem, better patient outcomes, and happier professionals who are working at the top of their game but not taking extra time to do it.”

Brad Artery, who has served as Mocingbird’s CEO since 2019, will take on the role of president and is tasked with scaling operations during this time of growth. With both Dr. Madom and Artery hyper-focused on specific goals within Mocingbird, the company will be able to not only continue its growth but further accelerate it.

“Mocingbird’s team, product, and business have grown and evolved so much in the past two years. Now, seeing the positive impact our product has on healthcare is extremely gratifying. We’re only getting started! I look forward to the next chapter in Mocingbird’s journey with Ian at the helm,” said Artery.

Mocingbird was founded by Dr. Madom and Dr. George Fernaine — both practicing physicians who look to change the outdated ongoing licensing and credentialing process. Research shows on average clinicians spend more than 50% of their time buried in paperwork, which includes maintaining their credentials. State licenses and board certifications all come with their own unique sets of rules and requirements. Clinicians not only need to consume the continuing education but also keep track of the different deadlines and requirements, which is extremely difficult to manage and control.

Mocingbird offers the only comprehensive solution for clinicians to maintain their licenses and credentials by offering the specific education they need to stay compliant. In 2022, the company plans to accelerate its product offering by providing smart continuing medical education and creating opportunities to customize CME according to clinicians’ specialty and interests.

“Clinicians will be learning based on what they need to know for their specialty and ultimately improving the quality of patient care,” Dr. Madom said. “As I take on the CEO role, I am most excited about the team I get to lead. It’s a dynamic group that is interested in delivering for our healthcare clinicians and believes deeply in our company vision: to allow clinicians to focus on what matters most.”

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You take care of patients. We take care of you. A cloud-based platform that disrupts the healthcare ecosystem by modernizing MOC req. & continuing education.

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You take care of patients. We take care of you. A cloud-based platform that disrupts the healthcare ecosystem by modernizing MOC req. & continuing education.